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John Griego

John — Recruiter Manager in Hardware Technology,
Apple San Francisco Bay Area, California

In 2017, while a team member was helping John
Griego sell his condo, John mentioned he wanted to get
into fix-and-flips. A few weeks later, John got an unexpected phone call from a team member,who was at a

Joshua Peterson

Joshua Peterson , MBA Owner, Benaiah Properties
Rochester, MN

There’s certainly no one right way into the real-estate investment market. But Joshua Peterson definitely
wouldn’t recommend his path to the novice investor. “ Obviously, it adds another element to the experience

Kate Yanov Birtch

Kate — Founder and CEO, Property Protect
Tulsa, Oklahoma

In a way, it’s a bit surprising that Kate Yanov Birtch is
still in the real-estate market. “I bought a condo in Phoenix
in 2007. It was the worst market at the worst possible time,” she says, laughing. “But I learned my lesson from that.

Gabriel Antillon

Gabriel — Owner/Operator, PCC Nationwide Fix, Hold,
& Flip, LLC Dallas, Texas

Gabriel Antillon is from San Diego, California, but he fell in love with Dallas during his time at Southern Methodist University. It was a few years later, in 2004, at a graduation party for a friend of a friend, that he fell for the world of real estate.