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About is a direct lender and offers flexible financing to property investors. Our Bridge Loans are made for residential property investors looking to fund their next flip or rehab projects. The process is entirely online, closes fast, and offers competitive rates that are often times lower than traditional hard money or private lenders. Automation is effortless and we protect your information at all times. However, when you need help, our loan specialists are there for you at each step of the way.
Get your fix and flip projects done with our hard money financing. It’s fast, reliable, and safe. We’ve put together some frequently asked questions for you below.
A bridge loan is a temporary, short-term financing option for home and real estate buyers to secure funding for various projects and deals. The loan gives buyers transition time when selling to buying another home.
It’s straightforward and simple. The process starts with you getting your rate. We’ll ask you a few brief questions about you and the home that you’re interested in. We’ll give you a customized rate in about five minutes. Soon after, you’ll be able to finish a full application within your personalized online dashboard. Easily complete the process by answering a few remaining questions and upload required documents. We’ll make sure you know exactly where you stand at each step in the process and you’ll also be able to easily check the status of the loan through the dashboard.
Our pre-qualification process only takes about 3 minutes. It’s really simple and you will also get your customized rate immediately. If there is any information change on your end during the process, we’ll simply recalculate and show you your new rate in real time. You don’t have to worry about adjustments or revisions.
We are a direct lender and lend our own funds to you. This allows us to help you close safely and on time. After the closing process, we generally sell loans to our institutional investors and individuals within investor networks. offers two programs: Bridge Loans and Consumer Home Loans. Our Bridge Loan program focuses on property investors who need short-term financing for a home they intend to resell for a profit
We offer three loan programs: Fix & Flip, Long-term Rental, and Short-term rental. These are types of bridge loans and are for property investors who need short-term financing for a home they intend to resell for a profit. is a direct lender. To make sure you close on time safely and effectively, we lend our funds directly to you.
You can find out if you qualify in as little as 3 minutes. Start by answering a few simple questions, and we’ll give you estimated rates. If for any reason you are kept from qualifying, we’ll let you know exactly why.
We are currently offering to 16 states, predominately on the West Coast. We are quickly growing and are continuously expanding into new states. Please contact us and see if your state is one of many we already offer to. We'd love to talk to you.
Minimal. We try to keep the process as simple as possible for you and ask for the least amount of documentation. When you’re ready to apply for a loan, we’ll send a personalized checklist that shows what type of information you’ll need to send over. It should take about 20 minutes, if you have everything ready. There’s no rush and you can complete the checklist of items at your own pace. If you need help, you can call or message our customer service team anytime. We are here for you.
It allows you to get a personalized rate within minutes. Your personalized dashboard also makes sure you know where you exactly stand at every step of the process. See a checklist of what you need to do, see your required documents, and a timeline of what’s happening to your loan, all in real time. Our loan specialists are also there for you when you need help. Once your loan has closed, your monthly payments begins seamlessly (usually through ACH auto-debit), and you can also track your balances within your dashboard.
Our automation makes things effortless. However, you also have the comfort to talk to anyone anytime you have questions or need help. You have dedicated loan specialists who are available via phone or email. They are there for you every step of the way.
We’ve minimized your application and closing fees through our streamlined process. Borrowers have an application fee of just $350 upon loan submission. At closing, there is a service fee between $499 and $1,999 and a closing fee. The service fee are costs we incurred when processing and underwriting your loan (e.g. background checks, flood certification, valuation). Depending on the rate and terms you select, the closing fee will vary. Fees are net-funded at closing. For example, if you have $1,000 in fees to close on a $200,000 loan, you will be given $199,000 at closing where we keep the difference as our fee.
Our loan dashboard will always keep you in the loop and updated. As soon as something comes up on our end, you’ll know too. It’s all in real time. With our easy dashboard, you’ll be able to complete your borrower checklists, upload documents, message your team of loan specialists, see spending information requests, and much more.
Yes, we do! We are able to offer funds for light to moderate rehab projects (we don’t finance land or ground-up construction.) In determining how much we are able to offer in rehab funds, we look at the as-is value of the property as well as the estimate after repair value.
FundMe keeps rehab funds as a holdback. These funds are held in escrow until after the work has been completed and proof of the work has been submitted. The funds are earmarked for the borrower but not released until the work has been confirmed, at which point a draw is done.
There are two ways you can obtain your draw. You can take out small portions as the rehab completes or wait until after the entire rehab is completed (when you make one drawdown for the full amount of the project). Fees vary between $165 and $199 at each draw. The process is simple for obtaining draws is simple. All within your dashboard: you can make a request, upload photos, receipts, and add other proof of work. We’ll review your submissions soon after, and the funds would be released any wherein 3 to 5 businesses days from the time of review.