Real Estate Investment Loans Simplified

Short Term Rental Loans

Slow month in your Airbnb or vacation rental property? Our loans can get you through dry spells.


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Simplify your Financing

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Transparent Process

You’ll always know where you
satnd dugring the application

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More Leverage

We see value in the end product.
Get up to 80% leverage of the purchase price and 70% leverage
of the after repair value.

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Streamlined Application

We've eliminated unnecessary
forms and ask for the least amount of documentation possible to make
life easier for you.

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Time is Money

We know the urgency in getting
deals closed and committed to hit the timelines without the stress.


Short Term Rental Loans

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    5 yr, 7 yr, or 30 yr Fixed
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    Property Types

    SFR 1-4 /PUDs /Condos
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    Single property

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    Minimum loan amounts

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    Maximum LTV

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    Minimum credit score

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    Debt-to-income to borrower

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    Minimum number of properties


The Process.

Tell Us About Your Deal
Answer a few questions about yourself and
the property.
Submit Your Project
Choose the loan scenario that makes the most
sense for your deal.
Complete Application
Upload the requested documents relating to the
property and some information about yourself.
Manage Timelines & Closing
You can manage the entire process on your
dashboard from start to finish.
Close Your Deal
If everything is correct you’ll receive the funding
in 48 hours (Please fill in whatever the timeline is).

Meet Our Advisors

We have several real estate
investment experts available to
guide you on what type of loan
is best suited for your project.